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Top DIY Projects Under $100.00

Paint Your Front Door:

A fresh coat of paint on your front door adds instant curb appeal for practically pennies. Cost: Approximately $30 for door and hardware paint.

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Upgraded Kitchen Island: If your small kitchen island feels a little anemic, update the counter top and add a shelf for an upgraded feel and better functionality. Cost: $30 for shelving extension and butcher block.

Spray Paint Brass Lighting Fixtures: Add an updated look to your brass lighting fixtures for the cost of a can of spray paint. Cost: $15 for spray paint.

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Build Your Own Fireplace Mantel:

What’s a fireplace without a mantel? This DIY project is cheap and takes just a few hours to complete — and it makes a huge impact on the look of your fireplace. Cost: Approximately $30 for wood, paint, and screws.

Framed Mirror: A framed mirror adds lots of polish to your bathroom and offers a serious upgrade over unfinished mirror edges. Cost: Approximately $50 for base molding and liquid nail.

Planked Wood Wall: You could invest in tile or expensive bead board, or simply spend about $30 in fence planks for a rustic charming wall with real wood. Cost: Approximately $50 for wood and paint.

Paint Your Return Air Vent: Prefer something more permanent than a doormat? Paint your vent covers for a new look and shine on the cheap. Cost: $10 for a can of spray paint.

Upgrade Cabinet Hardware:

Little things can really make a big difference. Update your cabinet hardware with new drawer pulls for less than $30. Cost: Approximately $25 for 10 drawer pulls.

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