Hondata wideband not reading

47 when gauge goes richer to (12. 0. So once that comes in hopefully Wednesday I can swap it out before work, clear the ecu again and see if that fixes it. Follow along with lead instructor, Jeff Evans, as he walks you through interfacing with the VCM scanner software to monitor the closed loop operation. Wed Mar 19, 2008 5:11 pm. You'll probably also be utilizing a wideband sensor as a secondary at least? I am looking at the Kpro adapter harness solution from Ballade and am wondering why Hondata does not officially support it (at least on their website)? It appears similar in concept to the Doctronic adapter harness with a mag to hall effect adapter. But, I'm willing to do whatever you suggest. 1989 CR-X DX,JDM D15B VTEC,JRSC,Hondata S300, PLX M300 wideband,SI cable Transmission with HF 5th gear set and Quaife LSD,Fidanza 7lb flywheel,Thermal R&D exhaust, factory Civic EX cruise control,Kosei K1s and Dunlop StarSpecs 205-50-15s does the Kpro read and datalog off the stock wideband? And if so, is this reading reliable for tuning or should i invest in an aftermarket wideband O2 sensor? TPS sensor reading wacky. I would have purchase k-pro if it works in D16. . It is not necessary, but are good for a 1-2 HP You can do that with any widebandDifference is that Im getting a direct reading from the exhaust and not a signal from the computerInnovate makes a amazing system to where you can do full pulls and it records every gear every move and does RPM along with speed and also AFR. 03-05 Accord/CL7 Euro R End User Our KTuner tuning package comes with a single KTuner hardware unit paired with a single user license for the KTuner software. ali sigurno bi trebalo nekih 7-8k eura da Type R ima 300 ks i da se mozes vozit svaki dan. This article is meant to supplement but not replace the instructions provided by AEM. Save your money. Tuning for drivability is pretty easy with a wide band and all the data you can collect through the ECU. CRX B20V Update. Companies are not always forthcoming with this information, so you will have to compare voltages with known good vehicles in your shop. Hooray for reason prevailing! Hondata dispute is over! blundar. With tuning certification from EFI-101, we have gained the confidence and know how to map your car's engine. For more information on Hondata, please see the link below The Hondata Stage 4 system is supplied with a flash EEPROM which allows rapid reprogramming by simply placing it back into the EPROM programmer. The needle will drop when you first open the throttle, then stabilize. Contributed by: Enginebasics. will be buying all this this week aslong as u guys thinks its a good build list cp pistons 9:0:! comp crower rods bc stage 2 turbo cam Now spray your O2 sensor with pb blaster (if you are using the post cat bung) and use your 22mm open end wrench and see if you can get that thing out. if not, try a heat gun and spray some more pb blaster until it comes off. I'm not sure how many turbocharged cars you've dealt with in the past, but these basic tuning concepts are not misinformation by any means. And, it logs RPM without any other gizmos. 13-15% or at least 7 whp from midrange up) with an ECU reprogram? Please get a true custom chip instead, programmed on YOUR unique car with its own combination of mods, on a dyno using a wideband exhaust O2 sensor/Air:Fuel Please be aware that this is a community forum. com. it's way cheaper than a dyno tune and it's tuned for normal driving, not just WOT. blundar The Rules, Read before contributing! NZero. How to Tune Hondata S300 Part D. Blickenstorfer (cb@pencomputing. See www. I think a few people did this out of frustration. But, to each his own I don't want to get in a pissing contest. No support for using a RSX wideband Expensive Requires additional hardware ECT readings are funny when car is started up. The white one to datalog will go to the eld pinout on the ecu. It sometimes happen that the given base map was not tuned in the same environment your car is living (California vs. The Digital version of this gauge features black/silver interchangeable bezels and black/white interchangeable faceplates, while the Analog version has adjustable backlighting to 7 colors (white, blue, green, red, orange, light blue, and aqua) The only thing I have not touched is my Ktuned 4bar map sensor and I do have a new one on the way that I ordered today. Its on the E connector and is in space 15 30 Nov 2017 A wideband air/fuel ratio measuring device “pumps” in air from the exhaust stream If they do not as you are reading it, go to the manufacturers website for the most up to . 8: Now install your single wire 1 volt o2 into the bung. How to adjust wideband Voltage offset? Therefore if you have a volt reading of 2. That’s why they’re also called “wideband” O2 sensors. As of 4th July 2008, Race technology has started supplying SM-AFR sensor module. My thought was if the sensor was not reading accurately or outputting voltage accurately in a lean condition (it reads 4. i was about to get a tune,but ive been reading and my question is should i buy a wideband first then get a tune or can i get a tune and get a wideband later?is the tuner goin to be able to tune it without a wideband?oh 1 more question i heard that the aem wideband cant work with uberdata is that true?thanks for all inputs Corr Performance Tuning Corr Performance Tuning was born from the desire to bring affordable dyno tuning options to the import car enthusiast. 1. Do not touch a hot sensor. A perfect reading is zero amps. AEM has combined its single-channel wideband UEGO controller and gauge display into one unit, uniting unsurpassed AFR accuracy and control with an easy-to-read interface. I want to have a magnaflow cat installed but I do not know if I should get one with the o2 bung and put an o2 sensor in it. That guy's head port and polish do not look very convivial. Condensation can form in the exhaust pipe and permanently damage the sensor. As far as basic tuning you can get started by reading up on how the factory emissions and efi system is supposed to work. Apparel/Misc; Brakes; Cooling; Dressup; Drivetrain So stating that additional fuel is needed for additional air is misinformationgot it. I would imagine that any competent tuner would "require" these changes instead of making it "optional". etc. The Digital version of this gauge features black/silver interchangeable bezels and black/white interchangeable faceplates, while the Analog version has adjustable backlighting to 7 colors (white, blue, green, red, orange, light blue, and aqua) i'm just starting to built my motor i need some advice i just brought a 95 integra came with a b16a2(dun ask me why b16) how ever the pistons are toast i;m replacing them with CTR pistons i not sure what else should i do for now since i taking the motor out i want to get everything done at once, anyone have advice ? what sould i do and what number should i expecting? i don't want to spent too Welcome to 9th Gen Civic - a website dedicated to all things 9th Gen Civic. The Wideband Failsafe Gauge contains an on-board data logger for logging over three hours of data recording (20 Hz per parameter) of AFR, RPM, boost, alarm, and others. That would allow you to maintain a factory ECU, and just modify the fuel map and ignition timing. Read More. A big misconception among technicians trying to understand O2 sensors is that they cycle by themselves. Primary O2 Sensor Not Reading. (i have a hondata s300) now when i start the car the wide band will be readin like 10. Wire the wideband's ground wire to a clean ground source (battery). I'm not going to bother troubleshooting it, as the engine is coming out soon enough. Log hits richest point at 12. I'm not going to say one wideband is better than the other because I simply don't have the data. The price of the Flashpro does not include dyno tuning, for a tuning price please email us with details of your setup. would actually be equal to 9. But just because these iconic names call Australia home, doesn’t mean we want to hide them away from our friends in the British Isles. KPRO. Not sure how much the price difference would be, but you could use a fuel and ignition controller (aka FIC) and either a wideband/UEGO or the dyno's AFR probe. The blue box will not be able to get your injectors to where you need to be for 10psi. Complete List of ALL File Extensions and Information - Botcrawl Extension Information A Image Alchemy File (Handmade Software, Inc. For some reason, and I've had this soooo long I'm not sure when I changed it, but in the 02 sensor voltage table vs A/f settings under wideband input, I have 1V=10 and 5V=20 as opposed to the aem table which states 0V=10. The Flashpro is NOT an ECU, it is an engine management system that works with your existing Honda ECU 2. • Reading diagnostic codes • Checking operating temperatures • Monitoring boost pressures Notes: 1. The PLX Air Fuel Ratio Sensor Module accurately measures the precise air fuel ratio (AFR) of any internal combustion engine. So instead of just telling the ECU that the motor is running rich, it will read a voltage that correlates to an actual value, like 11. The answer is that the K-Pro tables are different from the factory tables and it is not possible to create an exact factory calibration with the K-Pro. *FREE SHIPPING OVER $400; About Us; News; Contact; Help | FAQ; My Account; My Cart; Categories. xenocron. If you have the flashpro you can disable your second o2 sensor and put the wideband sensor there. 801hp on stock cylinder sleeves in Octavio’s K-series Civic. 85 might set a system rich DTC with a LTFT of – 15%. 12 Oct 2016 And I'll go to Hondata's website to read up. 00, or by request upgrade to flash eproms. Kpro4 supercedes the earlier Kpro3, Kpro2 and Kpro1. A term you are bound to run across when tuning an EFI fuel injection set-up, is the term “closed loop o2”. I would not recommend putting it there if you are still running your cat converter as the reading will be a bit off. so any time above vtec when light throttle it WILL run rich, wheras with overlaying maps like on the Hondatas or Motec M400s+ you aviod and can ticke the rpm 1000+rpm above vtec then punch it for a VTEC-KICK on demand but with PERFECT fuelling on/off This information is false, the factory narrowband oxygen sensor will not provide you with an accurate reading because the oxygen sensor is a narrowband sensor which does not have a wide enough of a range to accurately sense air/fuel mixtures needed to properly tune a vehicle. 47 on log and gauge can show 10. 4. Please visit Support. 6:1 at the tailpipe, while a AEM UEGO wideband gauge tells us the mixture is a 11. 00. CPL Racing will be closing at 1pm on Tuesday 17th September 2019, we will reopen as normal on Monday 23rd September 2019 at 9am. Froggy Topics IMPORTANT: The Hondata ECU does not use standard serial data voltage levels, so the hardware of the Race technology ECU adapter must be modified to suit this adapter. Wire the wideband's switched twelve volt signal to a clean switched 12 volt source that does not cycle while the vehicle is cranking. Install the Wideband O2 Sensor. It clearly states to ground the wideband at the same spot as the ECU to eliminate ground loops and varying voltages. I don't believe it is possible to share a wideband sensor between the hondata and aem gsuge. This is AEM's new line of Analog and Digital Wideband UEGO AFR Gauges. Check out the deal on AEM Wideband UEGO Gauge at K Series Parts. 5 and 5V = 1. Lotus Elise/Exige S2 S3 4-cyl ; Lotus Evora, Exige V6 (2GR-FE) Toyota Celica 2000-05 ** Please bring your own wideband O2 for leaded race fuel tuning, or you can use our wideband O2 for an additional fee of $100. PLX widebands employ a PID critically damped technology. so i hooked up my plx sm-afr using battery switch power, grounding it out at the ecu (sensor ground) and from the control unit i inserted a wire into the wideband out put and ran it to the edl on the ecu. Second, I believe the hondata uses a specific oxygen sensor the predates the Bosch 4. About - HONDATA K-PRO ECU HONDA INTEGRA TYPE R DC5 K20A JDM 01-06 I have both my oil pressure and wideband into the wiper relay think its #2. What exactly is pinging again? With nothing more than the basic intake/header/exhaust combination ( with catalytic converter ) the Fit puts down 86 whp on a factory tune. This only applies to the I'm installing a oil catch can and hondata boost controller. Good to see a build not chasing numbers. So lean that the wideband will not even register and it will barely run. An EGR valve problem will send the O2 signal high as well. using true wideband for closed loop is by far the smoothest you can get, assuming you are tuned properly, and all of your scalars are right. My reading is always exactly the same as what is displaying on my gauge face. Thus, Holley can not guarantee an answer or timing on an answer. We explore checking the o2 switching voltages against a wideband AFR reading to determine if CL operation is correct. I am getting a hondata S300 in the few weeks. 6570. You'll have to use a Civic or Integra EXU and run a custom conversion harness with an AT control unit I believe. I'm new to this posting so excuse if I haven't done it right I appreciate some help or even a good basemap for hondata to get me going till I get to a dyno A wideband UEGO sensor controller accurately monitors Air/Fuel ratios (AFR) during the tuning process to prevent a lean fuel mixture, which could lead to engine damage. Zt-2 Wideband Controller and Datalogging System - Model 2010 Cut your tuning time in half! Includes the Zt-2 Model 2010 Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Meter, LSU 4. Not only does it provide standard Nissan Consult functionality, it allows real time tuning with our custom designed boards and plug in wideband support with full logging and playback facilities. The ecu is chipped and tuned on chrome but it was last tuned like 2 years ago. tj. Fully rebuilt engine with forged parts. But it sounds like this isnt as hard as everybody on NASIOC is making it out to be. he puts a lot of time into making sure you and him are both satisfied with your tune. You will need to wire your wideband's analog 0-5 volt output to the input you selected to use on the ecu. Will not work with Crome or OBD0 solutions at this time. It's an excellent system but I don't think it has support for Automatic ECUs or even the Accord ECU. We have many features on this website to make your experience here more enjoyable. (12. The s100 is a base Hondata system which offers the tunability as the s200 without the additional options (datalogging, 3-step, g-sensor) that the s200 offers. hey, did some searching but i cant really find anything on this issue. Both the gauge and the pod were purchased from ebay. You will not get major gains with these "best guess" chips. After these modifications the ECU will not function correctly on a 2002-2004 RSX. Hondata Kpro Application: Honda Civic Type R (EP3) 2001 to 2006 onwards European Domestic Market. The guy with the AEM that moved to LC1, he said it was showing different numbers on the gauge compared to what he logged on the Hondata. One to the sensor and one for the earth on the intake manifold. Yea I know that but that 9. ok so im not familiar with b4107 not sure what that table does, but the other table just changes swithching voltage for the narrow band. Our system is becoming one of the easiest, user friendly and fully featured tuning systems available for Nissan vehicles. Hondata S200 W-3 Bar map and 3 Wideband , 255lph pump, adjustable fuel reg 520cc injectors 2. Fast and accurate. Tires should be in good shape, no belts showing etc. One of the most important tools in a tuner's arsenal is a wideband O2 sensor and air/fuel ratio display. If the Tegiwa intake is exactly the same as the Mugen (which it is I think) then your intake will keep the sensor happy. 7:1 pump stoich. 5 amp draw max) that can save your engine from catastrophic damage (see example strategies, below). com)Note: This is a work in progress. We reserve the rights to charge an additional fee if the customer does not come in during their scheduled time. Xenocron. What is Etuning and does it work? Etune or Etuning: to create a custom ECU/EMS calibration/map for an engine/car through the internet (from a remote location). It's not a great amount, just enough to wet the right top side of the engine. The power FC has a BIG disadvantage over the hondata is doesnt have overlaying low/hi cam maps but does support vtec engagement against load. Check tire pressures, to make sure there is no more than 2 psi difference between tires. 8 and that's it. you tell it your injector size and when you tune the fuel curve it adjusts the injector pulse width to enrich it, which much more accurate than just raising fuel pressure. I'm 35 years old and have been a gear head all of my life. This unit is locked to one ECU and allows you to alter the settings in your ECU. Honda Tuning Specialists, Parts And Servicing. K-Pro is a must have to get maximum performance out of your k-series engine. Thu Dec 01, 2016 4:28 pm. We also have reflash tools for the GM OBD2. I'm not an expert, just a dedicated tinkerer. 7:1 afr for 93 pump is 1 lambda so the wideband won't convert the AFR's correctly when it displays them. My guess is you don't have a wideband either right? This is AEM's new line of Analog and Digital Wideband UEGO AFR Gauges. sometimes he gets you a calibration the next day, sometimes two days, but it's a pretty quick turnaround (but of course not quicker than a dyno tune). If the Wideband Failsafe detects an out of range AFR reading, the gauge triggers a low side output (ground signal with a 1. D. 7:1 afr for E85 is 1 lambda and 14. 8 volts) or a lean reading (0. Other symptoms of a bad oxygen sensor include a rough idle, a misfire, and/ or hesitation when trying to accelerate. 2 volts) when the fuel mixture changes. The Em -Power staff will inform you as soon as possible about the total including shipping and delivery times. A wideband UEGO sensor controller accurately monitors Air/Fuel ratios (AFR) during the tuning process to prevent a lean fuel mixture, which could lead to engine damage. Finally, an accurate air/fuel ratio meter and wideband o2 sensor! Own your own performance tuning workshop for less than the cost of one dyno day. All Hondata systems modify the standard Honda engine computers (ECUs), adding features and expanding the capabilities of the stock ECU. When using a 5-wire (wideband) sensor we make certain assumptions about the environment the sensor is used in, for example we assume the sensor is used to measure the exhaust byproducts of fairly complete combustion. pantera info table table_10 table_11 table_12 table_13 table_14 table_15 table_16 table_17 table_18 table_19 table_2 table_20 table_21 table_22 table_23 table_24 For example, a Lambda of 0. A PROM can only be used once and not erased. A wideband oxygen sensor will allow the ECU to read a much 'wider' range of air/fuel values therefore allowing the tuner to make the proper adjustments for optimum performance. www. Would be interesting to see flow charts orginal and that 2016+ Honda Civic 1. 22 Mar 2018 As such, the sensor will interpret it as a lean condition, assuming not only what the gauge was reading due to the massive exhaust leak. and wen it start it spudders and couple second later it dies out. the vafc is not a good starting point and timing is very important on a Honda engine if you want it to last. help with coolant temp not reading please help. it doesn't warm up, doesn't do anything. AEM EMS. You have to ground the wideband to the same location as the ECU. Note: Information on this page is extracted from the PLX devices iMFD sensor module's users guide version 1. My passion is for lightweight Japanese cars. Without the competition, Hondata and AEM probably would not have come down to their current prices. You can then hook the wideband up to your Hondata, turn off closed loop, and do some data log tuning. Hondata only sells adapter harness with the modified ECU. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Hondata's K-Pro allows full user tuning and datalogging of late model performance Honda engines. It started out as a set of personal notes, but got so big that I began sharing it with others eager to learn more about the Hondata K-Pro. Wideband Setup Guide by Xenocron. On Topic. wideband and hondata s300. 2. AEM boost control solenoid. com for a good solution. Books for someone taking college automotive repair classes might help. Mon Dec 12, 2005 6:08 pm. Check vacuum/boost lines, make sure they are secure, as short as possible, and do not have any changes in diameter. 6 oclock is the absolute worst position to mount the sensor. Hondata denied preforming this mod, I guess when I sent my ecu in to get repaired, they went ahead and did this for me without me asking. OK here is a brief DIY on installing a Wideband Air Fuel Ratio meter in a Honda Civic Type-R. I WILL NOT PART, I simply do not have the time. i checked the wiring and i don't see it cut anywhere and unplugged the gauge and plugged it back EFI 101 is what you want to check out, im going to try to go this year. A Hondata ECU adapter cannot be used with any other ECU, and visa-versa. I washed the engine bay down today, removed the valve cover trim, ran it and still found a small amount of oil. 2:1 while the vehicle approaches redline. Hondata has had extensive tuning time with two wideband lambda meters, the PLX and the FJO. Not sure what you mean by "MAF sensor compensate", all it does is measure the air flow and fuel accordingly. da only way it will start is if i switch da map and tps sensor around. com for product instruction, technical articles or to create a support ticket for an issue you are having with a purchase you have made from Xenocron. fuel pump not priming with hondata but will with factory ecu. By Conrad H. doesn't move. Note the reading at idle, then hold rpm at 2,500. Was running sweet but missing hard now when I connect to my laptop its not reading anything and engine ch 3. How to build a "RELIABLE" b20vtec guide. Engineered Automotive is Toronto’s premier tuning facility. Up for sale is a 1995 Toyota Supra 2JZGTE Single turbo supra 6 speed making 1100 rwhp. i'm not too familiar with the hondata seeing as i've never messed with one. I guess it will help with city traffic and idling. that use a wideband o2 sensor, then I don't know if you can get this gauge to work at all. Does not oscillate AFR reading like narrow band sensors ; Hondata K-Series 4 Bar Map Sensor. How to connect a MTX-L Plus wideband digitally. Hondata can also supply additional PROMs for under $3. BTW is there goin to be some sort of how-to? I mean from messing around with Crome and Uberdata its kinda simple but im still not 100% sure how to tune the fuel, I know a wideband would be needed to get almost perfect AF ratios. ↳ Hondata News ↳ Applications A wideband O2 sensor on the other hand is designed to read a much broader spectrum of air to fuel ratios (The Haltech CAN wideband reads accurately from 10:1 – 20:1 air fuel ratio) which makes it the ideal tool for engine calibration. 5 inch exhaust and boost pipes. ) A Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom) A ADA Program A Free Pascal Archive File for Linux or DOS Version (FPC Development Team) a UNIX Static Object Code Library A Assembly Source Code Tuning for E85 with a gasoline Wideband o2. If you get a phone call the app will freeze and hang up completely. The KPro is NOT an ECU, it is an engine management system that is fitted inside your existing ECU 3. Or, leave your stock o2 in place, and add a new bung for the wideband and use it as a meter, not a reading, only. If you have a k20a/k20a2/k20z/etc. Buy a turbo kit that comes with a turbo that is sized for the horsepower you want. If this is what you ahve, then it is borderline useless. Octavio’s Civic is not hardly a Civic, anymore…. I have a 2018 civic sport hatch that I'm working on. ok i loaded a basemap for a k24 and my car wont start. 5T Plug 'N Play Flex Fuel Kit by PRL Due to rising gas prices and the push for alternative fuel sources, ethanol, derived primarily from corn, has become a common, cost-effective fuel choice. 4 with no change to log). nice cooler intake manifold gaskets that hondata and passwordjdm make. • Expanded fuel and ignition tables, both in rpm and load, to 60 lbs boost and 11,000 rpm (these are not the upper limits) • Launch control with anti-lag • Three multi-purpose outputs for nitrous control or • Supports lambda tracing from the stock wideband O2 or aftermarket wideband • PWM output for boost control I've used and tuned many Hondata cars. In fuel/ignition map adjustments in the Hondata S300, there will be at least 2-4 blinking cursors following the map. The EGT is connected to B6, if the output from the controller is idle at 1. Hi, My Prelude H22a has started running very lean but its not the calibration as its not all the time plus it was set up correctly when tuned. What is Closed loop vs. Full text of "Car Hacks And Mods For Dummies MG" See other formats www. When crusing about the street at 2-3k rpm, the uego actually reads a bit more lean, at maybe 15. When tuning an engine, accurate Air/Fuel Ratio data is critical. So you want to make major power gains (ie. org's existence, none of these packages would have been around to benefit the Honda community. Today it was actually reading perfect all day until I felt a hesitation in the throttle in the costco parking lot and then it read weird and the car stumbled a bit, but it went away. 2001 Silver Engine: Stock K24a2 ARP head studs New timing chain tensioner New oem metal headgasket PRB Intake PRB ECU calculates duration to open the fuel injectors based on injector flow rate, MAF reading, and desired AFR (14. Getting an Unsupported RoadRunner. Reading his post i think he is about to buy a Hondata ecu, so the best option would be to let the shop modify the PRC ecu (no big extra costs) so the pump wil work through the ecu WITHOUT modifying anyting to the loom etc. The problem is I can't get it to read properly with Hondata's LC1 conversion. 5 or so. Without pgmfi. When the sensor detects a change in the oxygen content, the wideband controller reacts optimally, not too quickly to cause oscillation, and not to slowly where the sensor becomes laggy. Most wideband meters - (the ones that are of any use in tuning here) have a 0-5 volt output proportional to air fuel ratio. PLEASE CHOOSE WITH ECU PRE INSTALLED OR WITHOUT ECU The Hondata KPro system converts the factory Honda ECU in the vehicles listed above into a fully reprogrammable engine management system. Is chip tuning a good idea, that would all depend on your views on performance, emissions, vechile warranty and what y Hondata told me about three months ago that for the D16 they don't have anything ready and they won't do it, D17 ecu K-pro do not work on our D16 ecu. To monitor, you need an OBDII scanner of some sort which can read the factory sensors, or an aftermarket gauge/sensor. I'd suggest looking for a wideband controller that can convert the 0-5v native output to 0-1v. Our background originated in Hondas and it quickly spread to other car makes. That’s how you can tell he used to work for a dealer I guess. The Hondata S300 with OBD2a socket is installed and to my surprise it started right up despite being told that the Hondata was not preloaded with data for my DC2R, so after arriving home i saved the preset data and uploaded a map of 2001 stockitr map. When I use the custom conversion I only input the voltage and value (0V = 0. Not sure if this post belongs here because all I did was bring my car to my neighbor and he did all the rest. 42v in free air, not 4. I was actually looking for an excuse to delete the TGV's, insulate the manifold with a Hondata or similar gasket, and maybe even through a hard charge pipe in there. Carrying tools and the expertise to not only test vehicle performance, but to also improve overall performance. 99v, on the software), then perhaps I couldn't trust it in rich conditions either, and since it's got 60,000miles on it, perhaps just replace it. An unmodified 02-04 ECU with adapter harness (with or without KPro) will not work on a 05-06 RSX without the internal ECU modifications performed by Hondata. Vacuum pressure seems fine. If the vacuum reading drops and the engine stalls, the converter may be plugged. The boost function is grossly off as in it registers 4-5 lbs of boost when there is 13-14 (yes all the vacuum lines are snug). But why didn't you consider hondata kpro? a bit of heat wrap on the DP and the Turbo should help with temps since you have intercooler well inside engine. Narrowband or Wideband? Purpose: This little tutorial will not only show you how to quickly test both your AEM Wideband gauge but also the sensor. Expanded fuel and ignition tables, both in rpm and load, to 60 lbs boost and 11,000 rpm (these are not the upper limits) Launch control with anti-lag Full throttle shift Three multi purpose outputs for nitrous control or similar Supports lambda tracing from a wideband o2 (PLX wideband recommended) PWM output for boost control Our unwavering goal to produce reliable, efficient, state of the art data recorders, at a price accessible to professionals and sportsmen alike, and back them with whatever service our customers may need, is as strong today as it was in 1984. Hopefully you are reading this because you are a user of Uberdata, Crome, Neptune or eCtune. Do not use the sensor with or near flammable liquids or gases. This Sub-Reddit is for owners or enthusiasts of this fantastic car who might not like any of the particular S2000 sites out there, but want to share the valuable data from them! Australia is home to many great things. Vehicles with year of manufacture up to and including 2006 models require the ECU to be modified and in most cases hardware is added. which doesnt help what im trying to do. Failure to heed these warnings may result in severe burns, explosions, fires, or other dangerous events. I just didn't quite get why a wideband was important for the AEM EMS, but not for the Hondata. 7:1 E85 stoich. My G is a 6spd with JWT intakes. This allows us to use many features in Kpro we were not able to use with the stock o2 sensor, such as lean cut. On S2ki, a user “JustinC”, gave us a wiring diagram allowing us to use a RSX wideband with PRB maps. Keith hails from Singapore and he is a very serious enthusiast with strong background in motorsports. This process usually requires datalogs to be sent through email to the tuner who will review said datalogs and email an updated calibration/map back to the customer/car. HP Tuners, the home of VCM Suite and the MPVI since 2003. Y. Comes with tons of Spare parts including the stock 1zz with wire harness and ecu. And good luck with the wiring part Looks fun. Here’s some of the highlights: 1) Adjusted timing and idle speed, also found the tach was reading 500rpm high, partially due to a bent A wideband UEGO sensor controller accurately monitors Air/Fuel ratios (AFR) during the tuning process to prevent a lean fuel mixture, which could lead to engine damage. Toyota / Lotus Performance Parts. You are right about the head. A conventional O2 sensor will produce either a rich reading (0. The power number and in general, the graph are amazing all the way across the board. just reads 14. Another difference is that A/F sensors don’t produce a voltage signal that suddenly changes on either side of Lambda when the air/fuel goes rich or lean. it's going well and i would recommend his tuning to anyone. Available ECU inputs are: · SO2 (secondary o2 sensor). Not gonna lie, I was quite impressed with my friend's car's performance. AEM Uego Wideband sensor and gauge There are 2 wires. 42V, but the computer sees 3. 0. If you want to try one of these applications, you will need to either: Send us a Core ECM. SM-AFR iMFD Sensor module - Wideband AFR. I'm using 0 offset and I've just double, triple checked and kpro is reading identical to what the gauge is saying There is an AEM wideband gauge that he told be was welded into the exhaust pipe and wired to the ECU. How 5-Wire Sensors Work. Slideshow: In just its third year, Eibach’s Ohio-based Honda gathering is proving to be one of the best. The following method for wiring in a wideband oxygen sensor to a vehicle RTP, or Hondata S300, then this is the way you should install/wire your wideband. You should not have power at both wires is what we are getting at, and that’s the reason for the problem. He did a 52 point inspection, LOL. 5L. The following method for wiring in a wideband oxygen sensor to a vehicle equipped with an OBD1 ECU is our recommendataion for the cleanest install, quickest install, and the best signal from your wideband sensor to your ECU. 8 - 3. NZero TurboEdit and EcuControl Now OPEN SOURCE !! [ Go to page: 1, 2, 3] Synoptic. The first step would be to REGISTER for free so you can take advantage of all the features we have to offer. AEM Wideband Install. 180151. As of now I have the car running off the wideband o2 sensor in closed loop and set my target now to 14. There is a lot more to the accuracy of a wideband then the sensor used though. But i hear that with stock wideband sensor the reading is not accuracy as aftermarket wideband sensor readings . An interesting other comment on the system I read: "Currently designed as a complement to Hondata’s s300, KPro and FlashPro engine management solutions, it is possible to adapt the traction control unit to work with any engine management system with a 5-volt auxiliary input. Hi needed some help to see if my hondata is fried running a worked b18cr that has been tuned like 4 times in the last year and now car is missing hard. This does not replace dyno tuning, but augments it. Please note that there are several variations of the items listed here available elsewhere on the site, so have a look around in the 'Shop by Vehicle' areas also! IIRC, the defi gauge is not a wideband o2 meter. 2 : 1 a/f for part throttle. Running rich can cause a loss in power, while running too lean may result in serious engine damage. HONDATA KPRO HONDATA KPRO. I did not make either of these programs btw, there is plenty of support for rom editor, search around. Note that it is not recommended to use this pin for wideband input as the ECU internally limits the voltage so that an accurate wideband reading cannot be made. Hondata S300 (OBD1 Honda ECU, Smanager). This will eliminate the problems you are speaking of. So from a lot of reading I thought it was highly recommended I get an aftermarket wideband o2 sensor, which I planned on having installed. I'm trying soon to get converted over to Neptune, and then will be much happier. the narrow band is based around stoich and anything other than that it stops After these modifications the ECU will not function correctly on a 2002-2004 RSX. 52) which are provide by Innovate and it will read perfectly, But with the custom conversion Kpro doesn't see the A/F reading. but takes more work on the tuner to make it happen. When I let off the throttle, it goes to 16 (leanest possible reading). He runs an outfit that specializes in tuning Honda NA cars, Torq Project. 3. When installed in the exhaust, the oxygen sensor MUST be connected and operating with the I’m not giving up on the rsx wideband yet! I took apart my kpro, and found this surprise: Just lik eon the s2ki kpro thread, the A1 is jumped to D8 to ground out the extra voltage. With the wideband set up to 0-5v and closed loop disabled i didnt have a problem in logging AFR's. You are not reading wrong. The S2000 has almost a cult fan-following on the internet, but to be honest, most are done in vBulletin format or other similarly-ugly CMS. my aem wide band will not read. Hondata K-Pro Version 4 ECU - Honda Civic Type R EP3 (2001-2006) The Hondata K-Pro Version 4 ECU converts the factory Honda ECU into a fully reprogrammable engine management system . With wideband and be table tuning, the AFR is good but it's A wideband UEGO sensor controller accurately monitors Air/Fuel ratios (AFR) during the tuning process to prevent a lean fuel mixture, which could lead to engine damage. in Hondata PLX 0 V = 10 AFR So You Want To Be Cool And Tune Your Own Hondata System? This Will Cover The Hondata Stage 2/3/4 system So you've been spending almost every hard earned cent on your car? It's probably pretty fast huh? I'm sure when you were making it fast, you thought to tune it for proper fuel delivery and made sure your injectors are adequate? You didn't? Uh oh. GOT LUCKY!!!! HunterTuned. i know you do not need the fmu with the power fc and tec2. hondata though, will NOT allow you to use wideband. etc blue-additional output not need. da je sve dobro slozeno. Hondata Kpro + K24A4: Anyone done this? ACT 6 Puck Clutch - Ralco 3 Pulley Set - NGK AFX Wideband o2 Monitor - KPRO Recommended Reading. Your Tacoma has a WRAF sensor, or Wideband Ratio Air Fuel, in each exhaust bank. If you are having problems with your AEM Wideband where you get the three dashes - - - and you do not get any reading because it goes all the way to lean, wire it the way that I showed you guys on In this video I finally got the car running but not before running into a lot of bs issues. 5 volts, this should translate into an AFR of 15. And here’s my DC2R finally in the garage! New beginner's Tuning Guide (DVD) from Calibrated Success If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. wonder if the ECT sensor or the wideband is reading correctly Hondata tuned + K&N SRI for at least 13k miles without any issues AEM 30-4110 Wideband UEGO kit - Great for Monitroing Air-Fuel Ratios - Soon to be uploaded unboxing video of the 30-4110 and install instructions. Selecting and saving a car will make browsing faster and more fun! hondata s300 Analog Input 2 voltage problem Hello!I ran into a problem. Once you determine which one is faulty obviously you can replace it accordingly, however I have also included a cheaper alternative to replacing the sensor instead of paying for the semi pricey AEM sensor! Hondata not showing a/f So ive been drivin around always with the hondata app on and havin my usual stuff on that i want to follow. Since my gauge meter is reading, I'm assuming my current Hondata is not operating in wideband closed loop (but hey, I can't read the code). I'm seeking some help with the setting up of my LC1 wibeband. by alexplicit » Sun Jun 03, Wideband o2 Install. This guide will encompass setting up your Innovate, PLX or AEM Wideband Controller/Gauge to be able to input, log and use the reading in a variety of “chip based” applications including Hondata S300, Hondata KPRO, Neptune and for standalone ECUs Haltech (Platium Series or Plug and Play) and AEM Version 2 ECUs. I know you will say well the ODB2 set-up does that but the difference is Im direct and not going through plus wideband o2 gauge some type of engine management (Hondata Flashpro Race Version) Laptop with software to run the flashpro and tune it on a DYNO I'm sure some other things here and there but thats the bulk of it. have no clue what the motor makes now its on 10 psi tuned by me on s300 withmy aem wideband and a lot of street tuning ! this is what i had in mind for the setup let me know what u think. However, I've had nothing but good luck with my ZT-2. 9v. quick question when you say IAT sensor, this is a 2 wire sensor not a 3 wire one? We can add or whip up something for you to reference and test your intake air temperature sensor, but we want to make sure you have the right sensor in mind. Now my issue is that hondata doesnt show my a/f ratio correctly anymore, it just stands still at 14,7 and doesnt move anywhere. Wideband sensors not only are a lot faster acting in the reading, but can tell you the exact a/f ratio that the motor is currently at. ok , for reading the values he must get a gauge . 0-12. Up to 16 Sensor Modules can be daisy chained together from the PLX iMFD line for modular tuning. The Hondata K-Pro ECU . Although Holley employees will take part in answering questions from time to time, your questions may or may not be answered by Holley personnel. Its just one of those gauges that taps into a *NARROWBAND* o2 sensor and basically reads rich/lean. If after reading why we no longer offer a RoadRunner for a PCM you have and you still want to try it, there are options. Vehicles with year of manufacture up to and including 2006 models require the ECU to be modified and in most cases hardware is added, for vehicles of years 2007 and onwards tuning takes place via an external programming interface. A low intake vacuum reading is a classic symptom of excessive backpressure which may be due to a plugged converter. Yeah with the money you've put into turbocharging the car and getting a b16 why not spend a bit more and make sure the engine is running safe. P0301 Misfire on cylinder 1. and you will still have to install the supplied resistor if you want to mimic narrowband. Open Loop o2? How to tune and set these parameters. hondata. AEM UEGO wideband gauge wired up to the S300 Used cars in Reading (1050) Used cars in Sheffield Continued Engine had been recently rebuild so head and block are pretty clean anyway which is a bonus. The list goes on. DM6 Gauge & SM AFR2 Sensor Kit Combo. Does the Civic come with a wideband O2 sensor or a narrowband sensor? If it's a wideband, can you read the AFRs from the FIC's datalogging application directly? If not, I hope you're using a wideband while tuning the fuelling. While Torq Project does not have a physical workshop, Keith possesses amazing knowledge about how to extract maximum performance from the Honda NA platforms. Hondata gives a basic but understandable explanation in their help file. Thanks again for your support. It does NOT include the live training courses. i need a table for the wideband from 0 to 5 v so that the pcm can read that low of af's. 9 O2 sensor to give you the widest Range AFR readings on the planet for only $229. The blue box is just a hack, not sufficient for tuning. If you are going to buy a turbo kit, we recommend one that does not come with any fuel management, as it's just a waste of money. My experience with engine management systems includes Crome, Hondata, AEM and DSMLink. the o2 is still hard-wired to the ecu and the unit. Unless if it's something like Crome or Hondata or AEM EMS, then you are probably going to end up junking it anyway. With the K-Pro installed the engine can then be tuned (remapped) on a dyno to release untapped power from the engine. And yes, in rom editor there is not enough room for all the menu buttons so you need to shuffle through to find what you need (it also does not show which one you are on). NO VEHICLE SELECTED Select A Vehicle Select A Vehicle $15K Firm! I understand that this is a lot of cash, but I am not willing to do payments sorry. I have one guy telling me the LC1 is inaccurate because you have to calibrate it every 6 months, and another guy telling me that his AEM wideband was innaccurate and thats why he moved to LC1. I. Same with an EGT sensor if you're tuning ignition. 8 and stays there. The wideband meter analog output is then wired into an used ECU input. It seems to only be accurate at WOT. efi101. If the actual AFR is higher than intended, injector spray time is increased, if AFR is lower than intended, spray time is reduced. <t>I want to use nitrous and more boost and I was told this is a must upgrade?? I need a fuel pump !!any suggestions??</t> Regarding the code though all i was trying to say was the ecu isnt very happy if you connect up the stock O2 sensor even with a little smoothing, and try to run closed loop, im not suggesting you try to run closed loop with a 0-5v WB input. 00 Engineered Automotive is Toronto’s premier tuning facility. The middle gauge stutters no matter what gauge you select (this is on an XS Max, no CPU is not an issue). Leave the stock sensor alone and install the wideband sensor seperately. 9 O2 Sensor, 10ft* Sensor Harness, Signal Harness, PC Serial Cable, Datalogging Software, Installation Instructions and 2-Pin EGT connector to retrofit your EGT probe. Additionally, the Wideband Failsafe Gauge is an ideal engine tuning tool. 8 or something the ecu will be reading 12. My ecu still has the resisters but there is 3 resisters and I can't figure out which 1 is r136 and which 1 is r138 out of the 3 as they are all lined next to each other, as the labels are not pointing to the resisters clearly. This supra was built by 2JZ Motorsports and has been used for 1/2 mile racing, street racing, and recently won the 6 speed drag class at Supras Invade Vegas event 2015. On the Race Technology ECU adaptor there is a 9-way d-type connector labelled ECU. it just power up starts and goes to 14. Free Shipping on AEM Performance 30-4900 Meters. I know some have fixed this to show all of the menu, but im not sure how. Requiring the quote you are not obliged to buy anything, you can choose to accept or delete your quote. i have 2 sensors as well, the 2nd sensor is actually used to measure your cat so its not important. Hondata S300 V3 with Bluetooth and PWM boost components installed. There should be no more than a 4/32” difference in tread depth between drive wheels. If I disconnect Check out Ken Suen's 2008 Honda Civic Si. DO NOT POWER UNIT UNTIL INSTALL IS COMPLETE. The decision was made not to offer a ready-to-go RoadRunner for vehicles requiring a 1024k PCM. Built by the guys over at Sport Car Motion to dominate time attack events, this FA5 features a Mugen FD2 RR replica bodykit, a K20Z3 engine, a Voltex Type I like the idea of chip tuning, it is not intrusive and it can maximize engine performance and give you good bang for your buck. What you will need 1. Blank PROMs are supplied for stages 2 and 3. Sadly Hondata aren't always correct, particularly with FN2 related stuff. Page 2 of 3 - CTR EP3 311KS - posted in Civic 7-9 generacija: a dobro, malo sam pretjerao. don't just take my word for it bro, u can try google it up and read what have ppl been doing with the f-manage. It includes Windows based software called KManager which can also be used on Mac and Linux under virtualisation. if I upload the same calibration again its fine for a while, seems to fix the problem and car runs correctly. It's probably easier to follow the voltage when reading this recording in  11 Aug 2017 but as well without the wideband when i go to display in Smanager it'll show a this time, the datalog in s300 should show the same reading if not, of potential problems away. Install Bung. The fuel pump wont get its ground from the PRC ecu if he wants to use that one (cirkel). The best thing is to try and get a tuners forum here or somewhere else, where the J car guys can hang out and share stories. " Why we reprogram output and datalog through ECU: Now that all the wiring is done we can get set to datalog the reading through the ecu. maybe the stock wideband controller is not fast as aftermarket controllers I have an A/F guage hooked up to the stock wideband sensor. I wondered why Hondata does not include an actual factory calibration. Not sure exactly where it's coming from though. I have not used AEM wide band kit before and i was advised to give it a try as i do not need to calibrate as much as the Innovate? Anyone has any experiences on both before? 4. His rsx-s is also a manual and he has an intake, jackson headers, he removed his cats, did a hondata relfash #4, and used an exhaust from a new rsx which he says is slightly larger. com. 9 Sep 2003 Appearently the AEM wideband does not work with Hondata. Prosport Gauges- Wideband Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) Gauge uses the newest Bosch wideband heated 5 wire 4. Now enhancing these to new heights with a new feature rich VCM Editor and VCM Scanner, coupled together with the latest generation MPVI2, this is only tuning and diagnostic solution you’ll ever need for your modern OBDII vehicle. they The ECU sometimes reacts slower than the wideband, but tries to compensate with the a/r ratio. You might try looking into a missing link for the map sensor. Oxygen sensor question (installing wideband today) I am replacing the front O2 sensor for a wideband O2 from a PLX M-300 and I have the following question (bear in mind this is a '99 RS ECU ): The stock Subaru O2 sensor has 3 wires, all of which go into connector B136: Signal + (pin 7), Signal - (Pin 20) and Shield(pin 23). Using a wideband in on road conditions will enable more accurate fuel tuning. Not sure if this is acceptable. 14. This is the same. if im not mistaken, it comes with 1 wideband O2. 5 : 1 compression ratio, FD2 cams, I think it's been synod twice at 263 and 252 bhp. Neighbours, The Ashes, and Haltech are all fantastic examples. Hondata KPro4 (Version 4) is a fully programmable ECU for 02-04 Acura RSX (DC5), 02-05 Honda Civic Si (EP3), and any K Swapped vehicle. then recall what they were reading after the run. Reminds me of mighty car mod's supercharged mini. Hondata makes hardware modifications to the 2002-2004 ECU enable it to work with the different sensors and actuators found on the 2005-2006 ECU. PWM Boost control kit – Allows an ECU using eCtune / Neptune / Hondata to act as an PulseWidth Modulated (PWM) boost controller. AEM Gauge-Type UEGO Controller 30-4100 (ebay gauge pod) Install into OBD1 Honda/Acura. 31. Last post by Hondata Tue Jul 07, 2015 4:04 am Running innovate a/f as standalone wideband s300. If you remove either of those, your truck will not run right. This AEM Wideband Air/Fuel Gauge is a must for anyone looking to maximize engine power and safety. Sorry. 7) Resulting AFR is measured by an Oxygen sensor in the exhaust manifold. Data logs can be downloaded for viewing in AEMdata software. Map sensor reading too high I'm helping a friend get his 91 z28 running with a ls1 ECU, 1bar SD OS. Over the past 15 years, I've owned and modified cars from Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, and Mitsubishi. With its own bung added in. Our sniffer gives us a air/fuel reading of 11. Secondary oxygen sensor must be disabled and disconnected. So it is possible and since you are starting from scratch with the flying lead harness in a custom project I think it will be easier for you. Set to show a external wideband input via the eld pin. I will be turning the boost up to 10psi and tuning ignition on the dyno and then back to street tuning fuel. 00-05 Honda S2000 Additional Information: Gotcha, didn't see that part anywhere. What to look for when purchasing a wideband oxygen sensor: When using a wideband O2 sensor to read air/fuel ratios and tune an engine, there are several qualities to aem wideband not reading Engine Management & Tuning. but i have used a apex power fc, electromotive tec2 and greddy emanage ultimate. Hondata stated that this calibration, called “k20a2-stock,” was close to, but not identical, to the factory calibration. Best Wideband for kit for K-PRO ECU Tuning RSX you must remove the two resistors on the ELD pin otherwise the reading will be way off. However the tuner said he was able to read AFR fine through the stock sensor and omitted wideband installation. ok NOW I GOT KRPO no more type r ecu. 83920. for the AEM 30-4110 Do NOT install the Bung below the 3 o'clock or 9 o'clock position. This includes jacking up the car, removing the TSX 02 sensor and installing the RSX sensor and routing the wire, removing the interior plastic pieces to get First this is a wideband sensor, it requires something to power it (factory system or in this case the gauge). 2. The An A/F guage is NOT an efficient tool to tune by, your stock O2 sensor can't judge your true a/f ratio. Otherwise, you can connect your meter in series with the air-fuel sensor in amps mode. Quebec City…) and you need to adjust some parameters like Cranking fuel temperature compensation (Fuel injected when starting the vehicle). use the help in hondata software to see how  30 Nov 2009 Engine Management and Tuning - AEM wideband w/ S300 - I hooked my AEM wideband o2 sensor up to my Hondata S300 and im not getting a install but I am not getting a reading on the AEM gauge to compare the offset. Price quoted does not include tuning, for a tuning price please email us with details of your setup. Mount the wideband oxygen sensor before the catalytic. I want to run about 8 psi. (alternative method for eCtune ONLY uses 5151 and sometimes an 810 Ohm resistor) BURN2 – The BURN2 replaces the BURN1 and is functionally identical. Ive been looking into this myself, If i have anything useful i will deff post. on the gauge since they are both 1 lambda. Such a swing in A/F ratio is a sign that an upstream or control sensor is faulty. Do not let a hot sensor touch a combustible surface. Oxygen and catalyst sensors not ready - won't pass emmissions (1999 Toyota Camry) Just had the charcoal canister replaced, check engine light is now off, but oxygen and catalyst sensors are showing as 'not ready' and vehicle will not pass emissions. 15) An O2 sensor with a high voltage reading does not necessarily mean that the mixture is rich or high in fuel content. MAP sensor reading for JRSC and other Uberdata que I can't fully answer all your questions, but I might be able to help out. This will provide an accurate 0-5v output that can be datalogged using Crome Pro, Neptune RTP, or Hondata S300. you can also just read up alot. com i tought myself by just messing around with it, laptop. The purpose of this article is to explain how open and closed loop o2 works and how to tune and modify these tables. So after some tech emails and reading I have found that the sport 1000 has the right trigger settings for the k series. Tools for Datalogging and Reflashing We have datalogging tools for Honda, GM, and Ford. Has happened on a few different cars here is a log of a more recent one A wideband UEGO sensor controller accurately monitors Air/Fuel ratios (AFR) during the tuning process to prevent a lean fuel mixture, which could lead to engine damage. Get a 3-for-1 special and save $100 with our Hondata Master Training course! NOTE: This training course includes Hondata s300, Hondata FlashPro, and Hondata Kpro training courses. Then after a min or two it drops off lean because its moves to a closed loop and is reading what the o2 is telling it (1275 mv) so then it tries to lean out the motor because of it and the wideband says that it trails off lean. The downstream or diagnostic sensors only monitor the exhaust leaving the catalytic converter and will not cause such an issue. Using our Mustang AWD-1750 Dyno, we can test 2wd and 4wd/awd vehicles up-to 3,500hp and/or 250mph. hondata wideband not reading